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Shorewest Surety Services, Inc. 

we answer the call

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Looking for a Payment & Performance Bond?

Or, you can call (800) 264-1634 and talk with a real person right now. 

real people from our office 

who answer the phone

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You could try getting a payment & performance bond by filling out a confusing online form from some other bonding company...

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Skip the hassle of trying to get a payment & performance bond on your own & talk directly with one of our licensed agents who will personally help you get the best bonding program custom fit for your unique business.

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the (awesome) agents who you'll be talking to when you need a bond

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At Shorewest Surety, you'll always get exceptional service from highly experienced agents & the best rates. Ready?
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Not able to give us a call right now?
No problem, we can call you!

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Leave your contact info and we'll get back to you super soon!

An Agent will be in touch soon!

Bonding Review Contact Form

Here at Shorewest Surety we exclusively help construction & manufacturer
contractors like yourself get:

Performance & Payment Bonds

Bid Bonds

Warranty Bonds

And More!

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Well lucky for you, we make getting a Surety Bond Quote as easy as 1, 2, 3, opening an ice


How to open an ice cold beer:

1) Grab beer.

2) Pop top.

3) Done.

How to get a P&P bond:

1) Talk to one of our agents.

2) Submit required docs.

3) Done.

It's so simple!

Getting a Payment & Performance bond shouldn't be a hassle.


And you definitely shouldn’t be wasting (beer-drinking) time jumping through hoops with way too pushy surety agents who still take 7 business days to get you a surety bond.


To hell with that.


There’s a better way to bond. 

Say hello to Shorewest

Surety Services.


You deserve the best bonding experience, and that’s what we give you. Plain and simple.

The best possible rates.


Exceptionally awesome service, 24/7. 


Your own personal, dedicated agent who is with you every step of the way. 


Years of expert, knowledgeable surety experience at your’ve got questions on anything? We’ve got answers on everything.


"...In our company's younger years we were struggling to find a bonding partner. Shorewest Surety took the time to help us and worked with us to build a solid platform..."

In our company's younger years we were struggling to find a bonding partner. Shorewest Surety took the time to help us and worked with us to build a solid platform for our bonding needs. As our company continued to grow, they continued to step up and provide the products that we needed and hassle free.


Always a smooth and simple process, with no surprises!


-Mechanical Contractor, Minnesota 

What are you waiting for?


Let’s see how much extra (beer?) money we can put in your wallet.


Give us a call today and let one of our agents help you get the payment & performance bond right away.


We can’t wait to give you the best bonding experience!

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